Happy New Year!  I hope all of your goal setting kicked off and 2015 is shimmering with great promises.  Maybe you've tweaked your daily routine (mine is draw everyday - no matter what) or maybe it's about making something happen only once this doing something you wouldn't normally enjoy (I signed up for a mini-marathon in May).  My challenge is to find ways to like running so I can see the finish line.  Whatever your 2015 promise is  - you've written something down!

We have a "Little Goal Box" that sits quietly on our mantle throughout the year.  Its plain and rests behind seasonal cards that overpower it come February...but for the 3rd year now it has been serving a hefty purpose.  Sometime before midnight on NYE, we scribble away 3 or 4 things each of us want to accomplish/do for the new year and refill that little box.  Cram it, might be the better phrase.  With just enough room for all of our promises, it goes right back to the mantle - staying closed until the following NYE. 

Do we forget what we wrote?  Yes!  But THOSE little slips of paper are usually the more amusing ideas we unfold (and...can't be shared here).  The goals we DO remember though - are the big ones.  The ones that don't need to be recycled...

Have a great week everyone and here are BLOBS LUCKY #25!  Download here.