The Guest Artist this week is award winning Children's Book Author/Illustrator...

Nina Laden

Back in April I attended the SCBWI Western Washington conference where I learned about Nina and her incredible journey as an author/illustrator.  Her book, Once Upon A Memory, won the 2014 Crystal Kite Award and attendees were honored to hear her Keynote Address.  I left the conference in admiration of her openness, range of work and perseverance.

Fast forward to being back home and I thought Nina would be the perfect creative powerhouse to try BLOBS out.  So, I reached out to her.   I never met Nina at the conference but we shared the same devotion for creativity.  This made my note to her a little easier to craft...

Just as her friendly, very warm and kind nature resonated at the conference, it solidified in her quick response back to me.  She would test drive THE BLOB BLOG!  I was grateful beyond words that despite a schedule probably jam packed beyond my imagination, she was up for a fun challenge.

With that...lets kick this week off!

Check back on Friday for Nina's results PLUS get to know more about her own characters in an interview.  I'll be showcasing a different Nina Laden book Monday-Thursday on my FB page sharing links to the best of the best reviews/projects/interviews out there.  

Feel like trying a round of BLOBS out yourself?  Get the sheet of the week here.