Happy Monday! We are back from camp with a higher tolerance to heat! There were many firsts last week. Drawing with colored pencils while swatting at mosquitoes in 90+ degree weather was one, while leading a Postcard Art class was another. We had such a blast creating mini mail art that I wanted to make the same activity available for you!

If summer getaways are still ahead be sure to download some pre-made postcards here (they can also be found in the Activities page). Print the two 5"x7" cards on heavy cardstock and pack up some colored pencils or crayons! Instead of taking a picture of what you see - draw it! Then send to family or friends using a letter stamp. It will make your memories a little more colorful.

Since we were away, Blobs were inspired by things around me. Can you guess what they were? Try turning these shapes into characters first than check back on Friday to find out where they came from. Download Batch #80 here. Happy Creating!