Happy Friday! 

Today's results are a little different...

After an unexpected computer system shutdown yesterday, I had to change gears. 

Last night my sweet 5 year old computer was  cleaned out and today I am in the re-installation phase of all programs. Trying to catch up.

With that, the loose character designs below were inspired by Earth Day tomorrow. What inspired your designs?

Here goes! My main character is really Earth - in different forms. If we can picture our relationship with the planet like the ones we have with family, pets, best friends and our cozy homes...maybe we will feel more connected to it (and treat it differently).

Super rough sketches of Earth as Home...Keep it Clean!



Earth as pet...Play with it!



and a quick sketchbook sketch of a dog playing with a boy hiding under a pile of leaves. A ball is resting on top of his head...

Earth as best friend...Listen to it.



Earth as it...



This is pretty far from the original shape, but what the Blob did inspire was a grouping of some sort. Here is the next sketch of a family on a picnic. Earth is the parent along with mama moon at its side and kids are hovering. Maybe one is handing Earth a sun hat? And could that be sun as a neighboring picnic-er? The next phase would be tightening these characters up!  

Back to nursing my computer to a full recovery and...thanks for stopping by.