School Visits

School Visits - Amy Neilander

I am happy to share my creative process with students from Pre-K to high school. We can work together to design a workshop or presentation with your students needs and interests in mind.  Below are current sessions I offer that can be tailored to different age groups:

The Ladybug Race:  How Do You Create a Wordless Story?
In this session I share the personal journey that led me to create THE LADYBUG RACE.   Using my "Story Steps", students can follow along and help me dig through the creative process.  I also talk about goal setting, rejections and believing in your vision.

The Mighty Ladybug: How to Create Powerful Characters
Who are your favorite characters?  Find out how to create your own and shape them with each story draft.  We discuss the research process and the importance of picture book dummies.

The Abstract Journal:  Turning Your Own Experiences into Stories
Each story I create stems from a favorite memory, detail or sometimes even a sentence blurted out by a nearby stranger! Learn how to build story concepts based on one detail from a favorite memory.  We push that initial idea until it evolves into a completely new story.