Guest Artist: Virginia Rinkel

Kid Character Creators: Kristin Rinkel (age 11) and Elena Rinkel (age 9)

Welcome to BLOB RESULTS!  I am up and running on a higher level of the house today, and ready to get back to BLOB business. 

We are very fortunate to have not only one Kid Character Creator on results day, but TWO!  And following their designs is the talented and imaginative Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators MI member, author/illustrator Virgina Rinkel (their grandma).  What a fun time that BLOB session must have been.  Super job artists!   I love the variety and the fact it was a family activity (most of all).  Thanks so much for participating and I hope you'll visit again. Kristin's designs are on the left, Elena's on the right and Virginia's, underneath.

Medium used: Prismacolor colored pencils

Favorite Children's Book Character (Kristin): "Jane Benson" from the book "Stranded" by Jeff Probst.

Favorite Children's Book Character (Elena): "The Ghost" which is in the 3rd book series of the "Dog Whisperer" by Nicholas Edwards.

Favorite Children's Book Character (Virginia): "I have too many favorite books to mention, many of them from our own MichKids (Michigan authors)."

Please be sure to check out more of Virginia's lovely illustrations on her website:

Thanks again to Kristin, Elena and Virginia for sharing your work and time!  You are all inspiring.  Please drop them a comment to show your support!