It's BLOB Monday and I am shaped out!  Just made a new sheet and thought I'd share a mini, behind the scenes look at how BLOBS come together, usually - on a Sunday night.  After lots of loose, fast sketching, I narrow shapes down.  Here's what I ended up scanning...

...then its outlining with Adobe Illustrator. 

Do I ever "see" my character when tightening shapes up?  No.  I keep cleaning and pushing a silhouette until I like the final BLOB itself.  It must have good proportions (to me), fun movement and face a general direction...Could it be a front, side or back view (always super important with any design - be it a product, vehicle or...character)?  Lately, I've been increasing the number of "cuts" I make to one shape.  Going from one, to many.  Then it's all up to YOU, the final designer.  What could sprout from this crop?  Click HERE and let the fun begin!