Guest Artist: Author Illustrator Steve Light

Welcome to Results Day!

We are absolutely honored to have Steve Light on The Blob Blog this week! He is the picture book Author Illustrator of HAVE YOU SEEN MY DRAGON?, HAVE YOU SEEN MY MONSTER?, SWAP! and the upcoming LUCKY LAZLO (Candlewick Press) to name a few.

I first met Steve at a Highlights Foundation Picture Book Workshop this summer. Steve was on the faculty and I immediately felt a caring and passionate presence among us. His enthusiasm for story making was contagious and his love for pens - totally astounding. It was clear his devotion to the art form turned him into an Ink Master after he shared his Author Illustrator journey with us.

Not only does his storytelling shine in his books, but he has a memorable way of delivering stories - in person. An impromptu talent show occurred one night during the workshop weekend and Steve reenacted Three Billy Goats Gruff. I think we all turned into preschoolers while listening because his "Trip, Trap, Trip, Trap" 'ing had us on the edge of our seats!

Thank you Steve for your generous time and being a special guest here. Now, on to his awesome designs and interview!

A closer look at how each Blob transformed...

Who was your favorite book character as a child and why?

Snoopy! It was also the first thing I drew that looked like something at the age of three!

Which character in your books was the most fun bringing to life and why?

The Dragon from "Have You Seen My Dragon?" but I really had fun drawing all the Alice in Wonderland characters in my book "Lucky Lazlo" that comes out in December from Candlewick Press.

Where do you find the most inspiration for your characters?

I always have a real person or child I have taught for each of my characters so they seem more real. Some background characters are even neighbors and people I see in the city.

Which Blob inspired you the most and why?

I like the second one. I turned it into an alien woolly mammoth pack animal. I really saw Mickey Mouse in it but wanted to go as far from that as I could - mission accomplished!

Thank you again Steve for your time! Your designs are all spectacular!